Steve's Photo Album

Shown in this album is a bunch of miscellaneous pictures from various points in my life. Warning: This page contain explicit and gratuitious uses of the word "Hermy" ... you have been warned!

Uh, yeah ... here I am attempting to feed an obviously fake dinosaur at a park called "Mini Land". I have no idea how old I was ... 10 maybe ...

My 13th birthday party. Pretty cool huh?

Once upon a time, I had a pet turtle named "Hermy". I make no excuse for the pet or the name! (although naming anything "Hermy" ought to be a federal offence)

Contrary to popular overseas belief, Australian cities generally don't have kangaroos bounding down the streets. "So what's with the kangaroo?" you ask. Hell, I don't know - I couldn't believe it myself at the time!

"Scruffy" and "Scamp" - the family dogs, or as Percy would say, "A dog with two heads and two bodies!"

The family '91

My visit to the Planetarium in Brisbane. This picture was taken before I discovered the Planetarium was closed that day.

Me and my mate Tazzie Devil. Which one looks more life-like?

My 21st birthday party. We went on a cool cruise on Sydney Harbour.

Ummm ... no, this isn't me. It's my beautiful niece Jayden!

The family '96

A visit to Hastings Caves in Tasmania - March 1996

Me and Jayden. For some reason she cracks up laughing every time she looks at me. No comments please!

Me entering a departure terminal. A very common sight these days ...

The Space Telescope Science Institute. This is where plans are made to crash the Hubble Space Telescope somewhere in central Australia.

With all the cops roaming the streets in Baltimore you'd think the city would be alot less violent!

Christmas '96

It's not much snow, but it's more than I've ever seen in my whole life!