The Thesis

Vital Statistics

Title: A Spectroscopic and Photometric Study of Gravitational Microlensing Events
Number of Pages: 287
Number of words: 72341
Number of figures: 193
Number of uses of the word "microlensing": 199


===> kane_thesis.pdf

The thesis is in acrobat pdf format. Warning: The file size is rather large (11.8 megabytes) so be prepared to wait if you have a slow connection!

The Submission

My thesis was submitted at approximately midday on Friday, May 19th, 2000. Prior to submission, several sleepless nights were spent printing copies of the thesis. Click on any of the pictures below to see the larger version.

Applying the finishing touches.
Printing out four copies at
approximately 3:00am.
Sorting them into piles ready
to send to the binders.
The finished product. If I look
like I was lacking sleep it's
because I was!

The Graduation

My graduation ceremony was held on Tuesday, December 12th, 2000. It was a particularly special time for me because I had been unable to attend my graduation ceremony at Macquarie University and so, for me, it was a graduation ceremony for my entire eight years of university. Click on any of the pictures below to see the larger version. I apologise for the pictures of the actual ceremony being a bit dark.

Waiting to meet the Chancellor.
Tipping my hat to the Big Man.
The Chancellor asking me if
I'd like fries with that.
Walking away with my degree.
Me and my bear.
Me and my wife.
Myself and Kym Hill.
From left to right: Tony,
Judy, Theresa, me, Mum, Gary.
Myself and my thesis adviser
John Greenhill.
Pose #1
Pose #2
Pose #3
Pose #4