The Transit Ephemeris Refinement and Monitoring Survey (TERMS) is a project which aims to detect transits of intermediate-long period planets.

We do this by re-determining orbital parameters of the known radial velocity planets using additional data from Keck and Lick observatories. We then calculate a refined transit ephemeris for the planet. Finally, we monitor the planet host star during the predicted transit window using a variety of ground-based telecopes.

Since transit windows may not necessarily occur when or where we have observing time, TERMS collaborates with people with access to telescopes in a variety of locations. The core members of TERMS are:

  • David Ciardi
  • Debra Fischer
  • Greg Henry
  • Andrew Howard
  • David James
  • Eric Jensen
  • Stephen Kane (PI)
  • Greg Laughlin
  • Suvrath Mahadevan
  • Kaspar von Braun
  • Jason Wright